How Home Schooling Operates


Students enrolled in a home schooling program apply for and receive distance education courses.  The courses are divided up into modules.  Each module represents a distinct learning concept or topic that is required to complete the course.  The number of modules varies according to the course subscribed for, but 8 is not an unusual number.   When a student has completed a module, it is usually mailed away for evaluation.  The instructions for this are contained in the parent package. When all the modules are complete and have been evaluated, the student is ready to write the final exam.

Independent Programs

Home School parents may negotiate a special home school curriculum they have developed or purchased for their student with the associate school. The program should be "outcomes" based, clearly indicating the knowledge and skills the student will be able to demonstrate at the completion of the special program. Parents must notify, in writing, of their intent to offer an independent program to the associate schools.  Schools must provide a written response accepting or denying their sponsorship within 15 school days.

Final Exams

Exams will be sent to the supervising school after the last assignment in the course has been received.  A teacher or administrator will supervise the exam.  If students are writing a diploma exam during the summer, they must register at one of our test writing centres.  Bonnyville High School (780-826-3366) or J. A. Williams High School in Lac La Biche (780-623-4271).

Summer School

Northern Lights School Division operates a summer school program for high school students.  Home school students are welcome to register for courses during the summer term.  For more information see summer school.